License To Thrill: Which Type Of Helicopter Pilot License Is Right For You?


Becoming any sort of licensed pilot is a noteworthy endeavour, but learning to safely fly a helicopter is particularly challenging, and particularly rewarding should you succeed. However, whether you intend to become a commercial pilot or simply fly helicopters for pleasure, you will need to ensure that the license you train for is the one you will require once you obtain it.  This means choosing the type of license you will attempt to obtain well in advance of starting your training course.

19 December 2017

Two questions to ask before hiring a bus for your bucks party


Many people choose to rent buses for their bucks parties. If you have decided to this, here are two important questions you should ask the bucks party bus hire company before agreeing to use their transportation: What facilities do your buses have? The quality of the facilities on your chosen bus could have a significant impact on how enjoyable your bucks party celebrations turn out to be. A bus with no special features could make your time on the road quite dull.

17 September 2017

Four Questions You Should Ask When Selecting an Airport Shuttle


It can often be difficult for someone who is travelling to a certain destination for the first time to select a mode of transport to move him or her from the airport to the final destination. This article discusses some of the questions that one should ask as he or she is doing research in order to identify the best airport shuttle to use. Are Specific Shuttles Recommended? As you try to gather information about airport shuttles from different sources, such as the internet and friends who have been to that destination, try to find out if there are any specific airport shuttles that several people would recommend to anyone traveling to that area.

14 June 2017