Four Questions You Should Ask When Selecting an Airport Shuttle


It can often be difficult for someone who is travelling to a certain destination for the first time to select a mode of transport to move him or her from the airport to the final destination. This article discusses some of the questions that one should ask as he or she is doing research in order to identify the best airport shuttle to use.

Are Specific Shuttles Recommended?

As you try to gather information about airport shuttles from different sources, such as the internet and friends who have been to that destination, try to find out if there are any specific airport shuttles that several people would recommend to anyone traveling to that area. Chances are high that you will get excellent service from the shuttle that very many people recommend. You should also attempt to find out how you can distinguish those recommended airport shuttles from all the others that may be available. For instance, do they have a unique colour and company name prominently displayed on the vehicles?

Which Areas Are Serviced?

Some airport shuttles may provide service to a few areas. It is therefore important for you to establish in advance whether a given airport shuttle can take you to your specific destination. This will save you from having to pay for another mode of transportation in case the shuttle leaves you at a drop off point that isn't close to your final destination, such as a hotel.

When Are They Available?

Different airport shuttles may have different hours of operation. Your research should therefore be aimed at confirming that a given airport shuttle will be available during the time that you expect to arrive at the airport where that shuttle service can be found. Remember to stretch the timeframe so that you can account for any delays that could occur during your flight. In this way, you will avoid the inconvenience of having to find alternative transportation at short notice when you find that a delay caused you to miss your preferred airport shuttle.

Which Payment Options Are Accepted?

So many payment options exist that it may be unwise to assume that a given airport shuttle will accept all of those options, such as cash, credit cards or cheques. Find out the specific payment mode that a given airport shuttle accepts so that you prepare accordingly before you arrive at the airport.

As you can see, your satisfaction with the services that you get when you use an airport shuttle will largely depend on how much work you did in order to select the best shuttle service available. Consult your travel agent or airport staff in case you are unable to select a shuttle service on your own. 


14 June 2017

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