How To Interview Your Heavy Haulage Company


Heavy haulage companies will help you move irregularly shaped and oversized items such as homes, rigs and plant equipment. When hiring a heavy haulage company, one of your concerns should be the company's ability to transport your load without causing any damage. Below is an extract with some questions to ask a heavy haulage company. Hopefully, it will ensure that you hire a company that is capable of the work. 

Have They Transported A Similar Load Before? 

You should determine whether the company has the skill and expertise required to dismantle, load, transport, unload and reassemble your load. Reputable companies will send their portfolio and contacts to use if you would like to conduct an independent assessment. 

What Is The Experience Level Of Their Staff? 

The company's staff should have adequate skills in logistics and transport. Ideally, the company should have engineers to plan how to dismantle and load your cargo. Besides, they should have logistics experts to determine an appropriate route, conduct reconnaissance and secure the required permits. The company should also have skilled heavy haulage drivers. For long-distance transport, the company should be ready to offer several drivers. 

What Types Of Trucks Do They Have? 

One of your concerns when evaluating the company's trucks should be their haulage limits. Ideally, the truck should have the capacity to carry your load. You should also check the dimensions of the trailer to establish whether your load will fit. It would also be wise to assess the truck's service and maintenance records to ensure it will not break down during transport. For long-distance haulage, the company should have a spare truck to be used in case the primary truck develops mechanical issues.  

Do They Offer Any Guarantees? 

Most clients will forget to ask this question, but it is an essential consideration when you are hiring a haulage company. Typically, the company should offer a guarantee that your load will arrive on time. Additionally, they should have insurance coverage to step in in case of an accident along the road. 

What Safety Measures Do They Observe? 

Below are some heavy haulage safety measures that the company should observe: 

  • The haulage team should contact local police to help out with traffic diversion.
  • The haulage convoy should have escort vehicles to warn road users of an irregular load.
  • The team should have a clear plan detailing the stops that they will make, the speed of the convoy vehicles, and the routes to use.
  • The team must adhere to the haulage regulations of the various states. 

When hiring a heavy haulage company, assess their experience, the trucks they have, guarantees and haulage safety measures. Contact a company that provides heavy haulage services to learn more. 


13 July 2021

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