Some Important Factors to Consider About Refrigerated Transport Services


Whether you are moving your perishable products internationally or locally, by train or by road, and so on, you need to be aware that the product quality can deteriorate quickly if inappropriate practices and conditions are used. There are key areas that you need to be concerned about and they include the correct handling and packaging, effective cold chain management and the correct route and service selection. Communication is also key to make clear the roles of each party handling the goods.

Correct Mode of Transport

When having your perishable goods transported, it is wise to select the best mode of transport. Time is of the essence and you do not want any delays. When hiring refrigerated transport services, you need to select a company that has been in the business for a long time. This will be an indication that they know what they are doing. They will also have access to such things as knowing if there is traffic on particular roads and how to avoid delays. Trains may not be subjected to traffic as much as trucks, and the refrigerated transport company will be able to choose the quickest and safest mode of transport for your goods.

Contingency Plans

Having a contingency plan is a good practice. There are some things you may not have control over like weather conditions or mechanical damage. Yes, you can maintain the trucks to make sure that they are in great condition, but you may never know what you will face during transit. It is always good to have a backup plan to avoid costly damage to the goods.

Pre-Cooling of the Perishable Goods

There are times when pre-cooling of goods is necessary before loading them for transport. This is also a good practice as it will reduce the chances of your products spoiling from temperature issues. In most cases, the refrigerated transport containers are meant to hold the products at a particular temperature and not to reduce the temperature. This means that pre-cooling a product might be needed if it is too warm in order to bring it down to the temperature of the refrigerated transport containers.


Be very careful with overloading as this may bring about legal issues. You do not want to incur losses from legal fines or damage to your goods due to delay. This will be dependent on the type or size of the transport vehicle.

Noting the factors above will help get your goods to their destination fresh and without any problems during transportation.


23 May 2019

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