The 3-Step Plan to Dealing with a Drunk Guest at Your House Party


There's no doubt that house parties are fun for people of all ages, and they're often cheaper than heading out to a bar or club with friends. However, one big disadvantage of hosting a party at home is that your home probably doesn't have its own bouncer. That means that if a guest has a little too much to drink, you're the one who has to deal with it. Thankfully, dealing with drunk guests isn't too difficult when you know what to do. Here's a simple, 3-step guide to getting them home in one piece.

Step 1: Cut Them Off

The first thing you need to do when you notice a guest getting too drunk is to cut them off. It may feel awkward, but things may escalate out of their control if you allow them to keep drinking. When it comes to cutting off a guest's alcohol supply, start off by calmly and gently encouraging them to switch to soft drinks and water. Ideally, you should pull your intoxicated guests aside to do this; embarrassing them in front of others could make them confrontational. Make sure you empathise with them and remind them that you just want to keep them safe and healthy. Since the drunken guest is your friend, this approach works in most situations. However, if you can't get them to stop drinking alcohol and start drinking water, don't be afraid to ask another guest for help—ideally someone close to them.

Step 2: Help Them Sober Up

While you can try to send a drunk friend home the moment they start slurring their words or falling over, it's best if you can give them some time to sober up beforehand. This will ensure they don't hurt themselves or get into any trouble on the way home—something you may feel partially responsible for the next day. Offer your drunk guest plenty of water, some food if they're hungry and a quiet place to sit. Just make sure that place isn't too quiet, or you may return to find your friend sleeping like a rock and impossible to shift.

Step 3: Call a Taxi

Above all else, the most important thing to do when evicting an intoxicated guest from your party is to call them a taxi. Never, ever let a friend drive home drunk. If anything bad happened to them on the drive, not only would you need to deal with the internal guilt, you may also be held responsible by the police. When it comes to calling a taxi, make sure you have a reputable service on standby. Remember that your friend will be vulnerable while drunk—a shady taxi driver may try to take advantage of that. Note that step 2 will also come in handy here, as many taxi drivers won't take passengers who might throw up or pass out in their vehicle.


23 July 2018

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