How to Get from Plane to Outside the Airport as Quickly as Possible


Nobody likes having to spend more time than is necessary hanging around on the plane and in the airport after a flight has safely landed. However, for some people, getting out of the airport as quickly as possible is imperative. You might need to get to an important business meeting, or you might need to catch your transfer in good time to make it to a certain train or bus. Whatever the reason, you can follow these 4 steps to make the process from touch-down to exiting the airport as quick as possible.

1. Don't Bring Hold Luggage

First thing's first, try to travel with hand luggage only. This clearly won't always be something that you can get away with, but skipping out on hold luggage is one of the best ways to leave the airport quickly. Most importantly, you won't have to wait around at the baggage carousel for your luggage to appear. You'll also eliminate the risk of anything being lost during transit, and you'll move a little faster if you aren't hauling a large case behind you.   

2. Upgrade Your Ticket

Not everyone will be in a position to upgrade, but consider bumping yourself to business or first if time is of the essence once you land. You'll be allowed to exit ahead of the crowds in economy, and any luggage you do put in the hold might be retrieved faster, depending on the airline.

3. Have Your Documents Ready

Sometimes the queue to go through immigration will be a long one, but you can speed up the process by having all of your documents available, and open at the right page, by the time you get to the front. Make sure you have those documents easily to hand as soon as you step off the plane. Whatever you do, don't vent your frustration at the immigration official if things aren't moving as quickly as you would like.

4. Check Your Seat Before Buying

If you can't afford to upgrade to first or business, make sure you at least get a good seat in economy. The first rows are usually the best, but they might be gone already. If so, check online to see how many rows your aircraft has and whether that craft is commonly exited from the back as well as the front; you'll often find that fewer people think to book those back seats. Also, make sure you pick an aisle seat instead of a window.


28 September 2016

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