Frequently Asked Questions About Tractor Parts


If you are looking to repair your tractor, the first thing you should do is find good parts to use in the process. Depending on the make, model and age of the tractor, finding parts may be anything from easy to downright impossible. Below are some of the most common questions tractor owners ask about finding parts.

1. Which types of parts can I find for my tractor?

Before you go online, to a dealership or to a salvage yard to find tractor parts, you should know which type of vehicle you're sourcing the part for. Write a list of all descriptive features you know; you can also take pictures. There are different types of parts you'll find at the dealership or yard, but these are the most common:

  • Reconditioned parts – These are parts from old tractors which sustained a little damage and simply need a facelift, e.g. dented or rusted fenders or hoods which can be restored by hammering and painting. These are a good choice if they are original parts from tractors similar to yours, and they will be cheaper than buying new original parts.
  • Rebuilt parts – Sometimes, the salvage yard can reconstruct a tractor's parts using specialized knowledge. This is done when you have parts that need to be repaired by a mechanic before they can be reused in another tractor
  • Reproduction parts – If your tractor is too old and some of its parts are no longer in production, salvage yard mechanics can alter the function/performance of one part to be used in another place or use materials from different places to build the same parts. They usually find these parts from antique tractor part suppliers, and will in turn sell them to you after reconstruction. You can also use these parts to enhance the functionality of your vehicle, i.e. to get it to do something it didn't do before.

2. Will using non-original parts decrease the value of my tractor?

Rebuilt and reconditioned parts today have become almost as good as original-manufacturer parts due to advancing technology. They have the added advantage of being cheaper and more readily available at a dealership or salvage yard near you. This is especially true for those with older-model or limited-edition tractors. Provided the part is in good condition and works as well as the original, using a non-original part would not reduce the value of the tractor in case you want to sell in the future. However, original parts would be preferable if available. Begin by visiting tractor shows or looking online or in the classifieds to see if they are available. Remember to add shipping costs to the actual price of the part before making a final decision.

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7 April 2016

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