3 Common Transport Services for Businesses


First-time business owners who need to ship and receive goods can avail themselves of a transport service, also known as a freight carrier. In addition to delivery, transport companies can offer you warehousing, customized freight delivery and container packing services.

Warehouse Services 

Transport companies can help you control inventory by offering you warehouses where you can stock your supplies, and manage all aspects of delivery. As part of warehousing, transport companies can track your inventory and provide you with a daily update of what you have in stock, so that you can efficiently manage what items you need to order, and determine what products aren't selling.

Transport companies can also offer you temperature-controlled warehouses, refrigerated warehouses and cold rooms specially built to preserve food stock. Warehousing streamlines your business by combining inventory control and shipping with the same company, increasing your level of efficiency.

Customized Freight Delivery 

With a transport company on board, you can choose two main delivery options for delivery of your goods. Full truckload delivery, also known as FTL delivery, is a delivery option in which your goods take up the entirety of a transport truck. This means that you won't be sharing your products with another company, so your deliveries will be quicker and more efficient, because the only items being delivered are yours. FTL delivery also reduces the number of times your goods are handled by a transport company driver, minimizing the chances of breakage or product damage.

The second option is Less Than Load delivery, also known as LTL delivery. With this option, your goods are not sufficient to fill up a transport truck, which means that delivery items from other vendors are included in the shipment, delaying your delivery time. LTL is a cheaper option if you are on a tight budget, because fuel and transport costs are shared by multiple vendors, but it means greater driver handling because the transport truck has to make several stops along the route. LTL is beneficial for companies that only ship several times a month.

Container Packing Services 

Transport companies can also offer you container packing and unpacking services. If you're shipping large items, transport company workers can load these items into a container, whether at a dock or port, or from a warehouse. Shipping containers are subject to packing regulations, so hiring a transport company to do the work on your behalf ensures adherence to all regulations. Transport companies can also off-load container contents directly to a warehouse, or into their trucks for direct delivery to your business.


17 June 2015

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